Blog is Such a Dirty Word

I assure you, this will not be me, sitting at a computer in my parents’ basement, telling you that my opinions are “right” all the time. (

In this day in age, there are several types of journalists.

There are the up-and-coming, who aspire to be the next Bill Plaschke, Jackie MacMullan, or Red Smith, who aren’t quite there yet.  Whether they need a bit more experience before they get to that next level, or they just need they’re big break, they just haven’t made it yet.

And then there are the bloggers.  It’s hard to know where to begin to analyze this crew, but I do know this: they sure aren’t professional.

I’m not talking about an up and coming journalist who’s created their own blog in the hopes of improving their opportunites for hire after college (i.e. me), and to enjoy what they’re doing (i.e. also me).  I’m referring to the blogger that sits in their parents basement, uses some of the worst grammer anyone in the 21st century has ever seen, and always seems to have the “right” or “correct” opinion on everything (when in reality, all they do is complain about everything).

The technical term for this…entity…that I’m working with is usually referred to as a “blog”.  However, I’d like to break the cycle of poorly produced, basement-originated blogs by seperating myself from the rest of them.

I’d rather not refer to this as a blog at all, but rather an up-and-coming website produced by an up-and-coming journalist.So here’s what you’ll find on this up-and-coming site: NBA Rookies.  And all of them.

This is a site dedicated to the new kids on the block who will take on some of the biggest names and the best games in the league night after night, and how they handle what is to come there way.  Whether it’s the first encounter Anthony Davis has with LeBron James driving down the middle of his lane, or Harrison Barnes launching his first game-winning three-point shot, this site is for all the big moments these rookies will experience, and the little moments that make their journeys so special along the way.

So stop on by every once in a while.  There will be new material up every few days, and plenty for you to discover and enjoy in the meantime.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy NBA Rookie Class.

These gentlemen will be playing the big boys faster than they can say “Rookie of the Year”. The only thing to make their rookie campaign complete is some well-rounded media coverage…and that’s where I come in.


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