Thomas Robinson’s New Best Friend

I was scrolling through Twitter the other day when I came across this retweet from Thomas Robinson:

A few things popped into my mind instantaneously.  First and foremost, I’m glad to see that these new teammates are spending ample time together.  It’s very hard to work as a cohesive group on the court if you don’t know each other very well off of it.  I thought, “Isn’t this great; DeMarcus Cousins is acting as a role model to his new teammate–”

And then it hit me…

I don’t really know if I’d want DeMarcus Cousins acting as a role model for a Top 5 draft pick, especially after the fiasco’s that occured last season, which included the firing of Paul Westphal, and a demand to be traded while only in his sophomore campaign.

Don’t get me wrong; DeMarcus Cousins is a great player.  Last year alone, the man averaged 18.1 ppg, 10.9 rpg, and 1.2 bpg, while increasing his total output in points, rebounds, blocks, and steals per game.  He also improved his field goal and free-throw percentage from his first to his second season.  Cousins will have a fantastic career from a numbers standpoint, yet it’s his off-the-court issues that have many worried.

In that sense, it worries me that Robinson may learn the wrong things from his new teammate and “mentor”.  Yet only time will tell how Robinson transitions into the pros, and that the performance of these new friends on the court will be the only thing talked about off of it.

2 thoughts on “Thomas Robinson’s New Best Friend

  1. I don’t really know too much about basketball culture and what not but I like how you describe the relationships that the players have with each other. Looks really good so far

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