Rookie Hazing at its Finest

Making it through pre-draft workouts and the Summer League prior to being handed an NBA Contract is hard work.  Getting through a media day and the first of many difficult days of training camp can be just as taxing.

Yet at the end of a long day practicing with new veteran teammates, there is one final hardship the rookies must endure: new luggage.

Nuggets PF Kenneth Faried is glad he won’t have to endure any more rookie hazing, but he sure is happy to help the incoming draft picks (Evan Fournier and Quincy Miller) feel welcome. (

Kenneth Faried of the Denver Nuggets was more than happy to help welcome his new teammates with a gift from himself and the rest of his teammates this morning.  The gifts in question came in the form of backpacks.  Yet instead of a classic team insignia-covered bag, the rookies found themselves sporting colorful new backpacks that are more appropriate for 5-year-old girls who are headed to school for the first time.For the next few weeks, 20th overall pick Evan Fournier and 38th overall pick Quincy Miller will get to lug the…fashionable…backpacks everywhere as part of their introduction to the team and the league.

It’s always nice to see veterans in the league get a good laugh, especially when it’s at a rookie’s expense; and thankfully, the vets were wise about keeping the hazing to a peaceful minimum.

Hopefully, both veterans and rookies alike can bond throughout this training camp, leading into a successful year for the new look Nuggets.  If so, the rookies may find themselves no longer having to carry children’s backpacks, but team bags that they’ve worked for.

2 thoughts on “Rookie Hazing at its Finest

  1. Hey!! What’s wrong with rocking a Care Bear’s backpack!!?! hahaha I love reading about how team’s veterans haze the rookies!! Lucky for these rookies they didn’t do anything like the Miami Dolphins football team did to their rookies!! hahaha I like how you tied the hazing into to team bonding! Good post!

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