NBA Draft Prospect Profile: Trey Burke

Trey Burke is looking to be the first overall pick in the 2013 NBA Draft, but it might not happen (

Trey Burke is looking to be the first overall pick in the 2013 NBA Draft, but it might not happen (

As much as the NBA is shrinking in stature, size still trumps all. Otherwise, the average fan would have heard Trey Burke’s name many more times by now in regards to who should be selected first overall in next month’s Draft. Burke –who won just about every award this year aside from the Academy Award for Best Actor –even led the Michigan Wolverines back to the National Championship game, something that hadn’t been accomplished since five players of Burke’s caliber traveled that far over 20 years ago. Those players relied on each other; this time, Michigan relied on Burke.

Combine Measurements

Height w/o Shoes Height w/ Shoes Weight (lbs) Wingspan Standing Reach Body Fat (%) Hand Reach Hand Width
5′ 11.75″ 6′ 1.25″ 187 6′ 5.5″ 8′ 1.5″ 6.9 8.25″ 8.75″

Combine Results

Bench Press
(185 lbs)
Court Time
Lane Agility
29.5″ 36.5″ 3 reps 3.16 sec 11.2 sec


Burke is a great player; there is no other way to say it. He led the Wolverines in points, assists, and steals per game (18.6, 6.7, and 1.6 respectively), and had decent numbers elsewhere for someone of his stature: 3.7 rpg and 0.5 bpg (tied for second on the team). Burke’s numbers tell the story from start to finish. He had an incredible season, taking over the reins as the team leader from Tim Hardaway Jr. and leading the rest of an intriguing freshman class to immense heights. Burke’s poise and calm under pressure were one of the main reasons that Michigan found itself in the title game. While intangibles are difficult to measure, statistics aren’t. Burke’s 6.7 apg were good for eleventh in all of Division I, and his 3.31 assist-to-turnover ratio was the best in the country this year.


They say that height doesn’t measure heart, but there’s only so much that heart can do; whether GMs across the league want to openly admit it or not, size still matters in the NBA. Burke can’t do anything about his stature which is one of the few reasons that he’s not being considered the first overall selection in the draft (that, and the Cavaliers have Kyrie Irving as their point guard). A more concrete drawback of Burke’s game is his shot selection. There have been several forehead-smacking moments for fans this season in regards to some shots Burke takes, and mild heart attacks to go along with the forehead-smacking when the NCAA Tournament began. While Burke knew he was the team leader and had to shoulder much of the load, he sometimes wasn’t aware that deferring from ill-advised shots might be the best course of action.

Final Analysis

Even before Marcus Smart of Oklahoma State decided to return to school, Trey Burke was still the front runner as the best point guard of the 2013 draft class. With Smart definitely staying in college, Burke is far and away the best pure point guard the Class of 2013 has to offer. His court vision, playmaking ability, and leadership will probably have him starting within a year, and contesting for All-Star Game appearances and other postseason awards within five.


Top 5 pick

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