NBA Draft Prospect Profile: Michael Carter-Williams

Michael Carter-Williams hopes to be taken among the top 15 picks (

Michael Carter-Williams hopes to be taken among the top 15 picks (

Having a well-rounded, 6’6″ point guard could really help any team, and that’s exactly what Syracuse point man Michael Carter-Williams is bringing to the table. Utilizing his game that consists of a nice combination of tempo control, passing, handles, leadership, and intellect, MCW is a tempting option looking forward to draft day. The only problem is, many of the teams with top picks already have their point guard position filled with names like Westbrook, Holiday, Rubio, Lillard, and Wall. Although chances of being taken with a lottery pick are slimmer because of this, it doesn’t mean anything will change Carter-Williams’ resume or chances of getting picked up by one of the teams still in need of a young court general with a lot of potential.

Combine Measurements

Height w/o Shoes Height w/ Shoes Weight (lbs) Wingspan Standing Reach Body Fat (%) Hand Reach Hand Width
6′ 4.75″ 6′ 5.75″ 184.4 6′ 7.25″ 8′ 5″ 4.4 7.5″ 8.5″

Combine Results

Bench Press
(185 lbs)
Court Time
Lane Agility
31.5″ 41″ 8 reps 3.22 sec 10.68 sec


MCW is the best facilitating point guard in this draft, but that’s not all he’s going to get attention for. First of all, the guy’s an astounding physical specimen. His larger-than-average frame permits him to work well in the pick-and-roll game with the ability to see over the defense and make difficult passes. Finding open shooters is one of his specialties and he can turn any seemingly failed possession into a bucket by allowing his teammates to get opportunities. However, on that same note, he possesses a deceptively quick first step that can open lanes to the rack. Defensively, he can cause a lot of problems and turnovers with his wingspan and compliments that with the knack to kickstart a seamless fastbreak for points at the opposite end.


Carter-Williams has many more pros than cons, but that doesn’t mean he’s perfect. His most apparent struggles come at the offensive end with his shooting. He’s failed to produce a consistent threat with his jumper which gives opposing defenders the luxury of sagging off and focusing on his deadly passing option. Aside from his shooting woes, MCW doesn’t have many negatives on the offensive end except for turnovers that are occasionally troublesome.

Final Analysis

The main point to keep in mind when comparing Carter-Williams’ positives versus negatives is that his skill set is prime. The areas where he excels are at a level ready to enter the NBA and be honed by experience, while the ones that are less proficient may raise questions but won’t bring the sky down. Note that a weak jumper and being turnover prone are elements of the game that can be coached and improved easier than one might think, just ask Kawhi Leonard who had similar problems when he was a rook. Nevertheless, Carter-Williams is at the top of the list of point guards in this draft, and will more than likely find a home with a lottery team in need of a point guard to strengthen the ranks.


Lottery pick

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