NBA Draft Prospect Profile: Brandon Davies

Remember this guy?  He hopes some GM's do, too (

Remember this guy? He hopes some GM’s do, too (

What if I told you that Jimmer Fredette wasn’t the most instrumental player on the BYU Cougars just a few seasons ago when the sharpshooter won over America’s heart? What if, instead, it was someone who didn’t even play in the most pivotal part of BYU’s season? While the country was busy falling in love with “The Jimmer”, some started to realize that he wasn’t the only reason for Cinderella’s success; instead, plenty of the work was being done by Brandon Davies, the Cougars’ low-post threat. After an unfortunate dismissal from the team, many forgot about Davies altogether. Now, having just graduated after an impressive four year run with BYU, Davies is trying to make people remember him in the hopes he’ll get some looks from NBA teams.

Combine Measurements

Height w/o Shoes Height w/ Shoes Weight (lbs) Wingspan Standing Reach Body Fat (%) Hand Reach Hand Width
6′ 8.5″ 6′ 10.25″ 241.8 7′ 1.5″ 9′ 0.5″ 8.6 9″ 11″

Combine Results

Bench Press
(185 lbs)
Court Time
Lane Agility
26″ 31.5″ 7 reps 3.5 sec 11.22 sec


Davies has proven time and time again that he can shoot the ball while at BYU. His numbers have remained constant (FG% over four years: .54%, .53%, .52%, .52%) while he’s worked on expanding his range (3PT%: .0%, .0%, .33%, .36%). These sample sizes, although small (18 attempted threes in whole college career) show that Davies has been committed to showing he can play as an ideal mid-range power forward, and can actually shoot outside of 5 feet. Davies has also shown a diverse set of low-post moves, something that is rarely seen by prospects coming out of the college level today. Another strength Davies has is his nose for the ball when rebounding; for someone who can’t rely on a great vertical leap, Davies greatly understands how the ball travels best, and constantly works to get himself into the right position to grab the board.


Davies enters the Draft at the perfect time for someone with his skill set. Had he entered last season, his athleticism (or lack thereof) would have severely hurt his chances of getting drafted. Davies only tested with a vertical leap of 26 inches at the combine, one of the lowest leaps recorded from this year’s athletes. Davies has also shown that, while he’s worked to get better, he still takes ill-advised shots, attempting to force up looks over taller and larger defenders that simply make him look foolish. Another flaw in Davies’ game is his defensive timing. All too often last season, Davies was stuck on the bench due to foul trouble; he recorded 4 or more fouls in a game 16 times last season. Many of these fouls can be attributed to him attempting to block shots and simply getting caught in the air; however, Davies must get better at recognizing when his opponents are actually leaving their feet.

Final Analysis

Davies has worked at polishing his offensive game, yet he still has his obvious shortcomings on the defensive end. His range should make him an interesting option for teams drafting in the second round. On the surface, Davies put up similar numbers this year to the output of NBA stars such as Paul Millsap and David West; however, while Millsap and West were playing the best of the best, Davies was playing against mid-major talent in the West Coast Conference, something that could also be held against him in the drafting process. His work ethic to get better, though, should at least help him to get his name called on Draft night.


Mid-second round

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