NBA Draft Prospect Profile: Archie Goodwin

Is Archie Goodwin ready for the next level? (

Is Archie Goodwin ready for the next level? (

Archie Goodwin is a 6’5″ point guard from Kentucky that has all the tools to make a name and game for himself in the NBA. He is an impressive physical specimen at his position that has received comparisons to Tyreke Evans which is quite a compliment to be paid. Offensively he can be quite the handful and opponents never know what he’s going to hit them with, while defensively and fundamentally he lacks the basics to make him successful in all areas. The upside and potential in Goodwin is undeniable, but there are certainly a number of factors that could definitely be detrimental to his draft stock.

Combine Measurements

Height w/o Shoes Height w/ Shoes Weight (lbs) Wingspan Standing Reach Body Fat (%) Hand Reach Hand Width
6′ 3.75″ 6′ 5.25″ 189 6′ 9.5″ 8′ 6″ 4.55 8.5″ 9″

Combine Results

Bench Press
(185 lbs)
Court Time
Lane Agility
30″ 36″ 1 reps 3.27 sec 10.75 sec


Goodwin’s physical build fuels much of his gameplay. He’s an excellent attacking guard that is elusive both on his way to the basket and in the air, making it very difficult for almost any defender to stay with him. He exhibits both the ability to get to the lane by shake-and-baking would-be defenders with his handles, and finishing by either taking it himself in traffic or finding a teammate. His physicality makes him explosive in the open floor and also allows for him to get to the rim and finish with highflying slams. There’s no question that Goodwin is one of the best creators in the draft, but finishing is a whole different story.


Confidence is another great fuel for Goodwin, yet at times, that confidence turns into overconfidence which usually translates into peril. We talked about his ability to create, but sometimes falls short of finishing. Creating for himself offensively isn’t a problem, but his jumper is pathetic unless he’s in a rhythm and despite having the knack to find the open man he can get overzealous and commit unnecessary turnovers (2.7/3.1 assist to turnover ratio). On defense, he has the body to guard three positions, but overconfidence plagues him here too as he can be beat off the dribble, caught gambling for steals, and committing unnecessary reach-in fouls. He has the physicality and the confidence, he really just needs to learn how to use it, which could mean longer development time looking towards the future.

Final Analysis

Goodwin is a strong, ambitious point guard that demands intrigue, but at the same time brings skepticism upon himself. Coach Calipari was even recorded saying, “I can’t coach you”, at the end of the season. He has much maturing to do mentally, as well as with his game. He’s not a lost cause by any means, but needs to exhibit the drive and determination to recognize the flaws in his game and want to better those areas or he could see his stock plummet.


Mid to late first round

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